Calligraphy Cuts for Lighter, Healthier Hair

Wair Studio Salon is Marlton’s Certified Hair Salon for this Unique, Voluminous Style

Our Hair Stylists Will Make You Look and Feel Your Best

At Wair Studio Salon in Marlton, our certified stylists are trained and ready to provide you with the next generation of hair-styling service. A Calligraphy Cut is a revolutionary and patented cutting style that uses a small calligraphy knife to cut the hair rather than a scissors or razor, leaving the hair feeling fuller, lighter, and healthier. Contact Wair Studio today to book an appointment for a calligraphy cut of your own.

Benefits of a Calligraphy Cut:

  • Increase Color Radiance
  • Reduce Blow-Dry Time by 30%
  • Eliminate Split Ends
  • Increases Surface Area of Hair by Nearly 300%
  • Lighter, Fuller, Healthier Hair

Get the Volume and Texture You’ve Been Dreaming About

The certified and uniquely talented stylists at Wair Studio Salon in Marlton are ready to give you the haircut you’ve been looking for. A calligraphy cut is a hairdressing technique that creates volume, texture, and bounce without split ends. In fact, split ends stand no chance because this special technique seals the hair and protects it.

Using a calligraph knife, the hair is cut at a 21-degree angle, making it much less injurious to the hair. This is why the end result is beautiful, voluminous, and stronger hair. Think about cutting the stems of fresh flowers — it’s a similar principle. With a calligraphy cut, the cut surface of your hair stays smooth.

Wair Studio Salon is one of the only hair salons in the area, and even one of the few in the USA, that is certified to provide calligraphy cuts to our clients. If you’re looking for a style-upgrade and a look that leaves your hair feeling lighter, healthier, and bouncier, book your appointment at Wair Studio today!

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