It’s All About the Brow

Update Your Brow at Wair Studio Salon in Marlton

Create a Whole New You With a Brow Update

Are you looking to change up your look? Mallory Dammer professional brow specialist at Wair Studio Salon is ready for you. We offer four brow services that gives you long lasting brow color. We want you to look and feel great when you leave our salon. With a brow lamination, tint, wax, you will do just that. We’ll create a look and style that you’ll fall in love with. At Wair Studio Salon in Marlton, we make our clients and their brows our number one priority. Give us a call to book an appointment for our brow services today.

It's all about the brow

Tint & Lustre Lamination Service:

  • The combination runway look lasts up to 8 weeks 
  • Instantly full, lifted and fluffy brow, and the formula is vegan friendly
  • Stain on your skin can last up to 1 week and on your hair
    for up to 4 weeks
  • Styling time is approximately 45 mins or 1 hour with a wax.

Indus Valley Henna Services:

Henna is a natural alternative to tint. Specially formulated with botanical ingredients and extracts, carefully selected herbal extracts and essential oils. The natural powder is also Ammonia free.

  • Henna lasts longer than tint.
  • Stain on your skin can last 2-10 days and on your hair
    for up to 4-6 weeks
  • Styling time is approximately 45 mins or 1 hour with a wax.

Tint Service:

  • Brow tints will leave a slight skin stain on your skin from 1-5 days and up to 4 weeks on the brow
  • This is safe for pregnant and breast feeding guests
  • Styling time is approximately 30 mins with a wax

Lustre Lamination Service:

  • Designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly
    full, lifted and fluffy brow.
  • The formula is vegan friendly
  • Styling time is approximately 30-45 mins or 1 hour with tint, one hour with tint and wax.

Get The Perfect Brow

When you book a brow appointment at Wair Studio Salon in Marlton, you can trust that you’ll leave looking great and loving the look of your brow. Our professional stylist is committed to it.

When you visit us at Wair Studio Salon in Marlton, bring your inspiration and looks and we will work to give you a look that you love. Our clients are family, and we can’t wait to see how we can transform your look! Call us today or fill out our form online to book an appointment.

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